Since 2005, CF Energy has transformed itself from the traditional natural gas supplier into the comprehensive utilization and investment of energy as well as the development of enterprise business. At present, the projects of comprehensive utilization of energy are mainly focused in the area of the Haitang Bay district, Sanya city, Hainan province. CF Energy and EDF are establishing the joint venture company in Sanya, and they will cooperate with the municipal government in Sanya to carry out a series of comprehensive utilization of energy projects. They will strive to build the Haitang Bay district into the demonstration area of national low-carbon city development, to promote the low-carbon development in the whole Sanya area, and gradually take the distributed strategic layout for energy business to various other cities.

Meishan Project

The Meishan Project is in the Meishan New Economic Development Zone, an economic zone situated next to central urban area of Meishan City, Sichuan province, the PRC, with a planned development area of 50.5 square kilometres. The Meishan New Economic Development Zone will be a hub for manufacturers of drugs, supplements, medical equipment, and other medical related supplies. The year-round constant demand of steam necessary to produce drugs makes the Meishan New Economic Development Zone an ideal platform for integrated district energy distribution. The Meishan Project is planned to be developed in two or three phases.


Haitang Bay Integrated Smart Energy Project

CF Energy signed Energy Service Contract with Electricite de France SA in Jan 2018 under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron. Both have established a joint venture Sanya EDF Changfeng Energy Management Co., Ltd, registered capital of RMB100 million.

The Company will be covering the design, construction and 30-year operation of a network of chilled water and hot-water production stations to Haitang Bay, consisting of about twenty hotels, shopping centres, and a hospital for a total area of 3.4 million square metres:

  • Construction and operation of four energy stations in Haitang Bay

  • Construction of 25.9 kilometers of cooling and hot water pipelines and 38 new cooling stations, thus having its centralized cooling and hot water supply in the Haitang Bay area by 2020

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Market Potential


  • Popular tourism destination in Sanya

  • Population: 250,000 people

  • High year round energy demand due to the tropical climate and an abundance of resorts and hotels

Development of energy demand in Sanya

  • Energy consumption in the Haitang Bay area will be reduced by 10%, thereby saving more than 30,000 tons of standard coal per year

  • Carbon dioxide emissions per unit GDP of Sanya in 2030 will be reduced by about 40% compared with 2015, paving way to achieve Sanya's "Wisdom Regional Energy” goal




CF Energy has transformed from the downstream business to the natural gas generation business for serving large industrial users since 2001, and reached a cooperative purpose with several large industrial users in Guangdong province. At present, the projects of Natural Gas Generation For Large Industrial Users are mainly focus on the areas, in which the Gaoyao district, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong province. The Hengtai Gas Co., Ltd. in Gaoyao district of Zhaoqing city is mainly engaged in the investment and development of urban gas infrastructure, the supporting construction of urban gas network, the investment and development of compressed natural gas filling station, the installation and maintenance of automotive fuel gas system, the sales as well as the buying and selling through agency for natural gas or liquefied natural gas.

The project of Datang power plant

The supporting facilities and the branch pipeline engineering of the heating power and cooling cogeneration project for Datang International Gaoyao Jintao natural gas, which started in the Jinli valve chamber of Guangdong province natural gas pipeline network, and ending in the heating power and cooling cogeneration project for Datang international Gaoyao Jintao natural gas, the engineering was located in Jintao industrial zone, Jinli town, Gaoyao district, Zhaoqing city. It includes one transportation station, covers an area of 10031square meters, the total length of pipeline is about2km, the pipe diameter is DN500mm, the design pressure is 4Mpa, the design transmission capacity is 11.6 x 108Nm3/a.

Guangdong Datang International Zhaoqing Heat & Power Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. (“Datang International”). Together with its subsidiaries, Datang International engages in power generation and power plant development in the PRC. It operates through power generation, coal, and other segments. Datang International generates electricity through various sources, such as coal-fired, thermal, hydro, wind, nuclear, solar, and natural gas. As of December 31, 2017, Datang International managed an installed capacity of approximately 48,031.175 MW. Datang International also engages in heat supply; the import of power related fuel; coal mining and trading; silicon and aluminium smelting; the production and sale of alumina; cargo shipping; the sale of coal ash and integrated application of solid wastes; the repair and testing of power equipment; and the provision of power related technical services. Datang International was formerly known as Beijing Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Beijing, PRC.




We also provide refuelling service for vehicles such as household cars, taxicabs, buses and trucks. Currently we operate two vehicles refuelling stations, one in Sanya, Hainan and the other in Changsha, Hunan. There are two types of natural gas we provide to customer for vehicle refueling, being CNG and LNG. CNG is generally used by household cars and taxicabs, while buses and trucks are typically refuelled with LNG. Apart from directly procuring CNG, we may also convert LNG into CNG via gasification at our refuelling stations to assure the supply of CNG.

The project of Changsha CNG automobile filling station

CF Energy Company Limited is responsible for the construction and management of gas filling station project in Changsha city, and until now it has built one CNG filling station, the quantity of gas supply has reached more than thirty thousand cubic meters every day.

The project of Sanya CNG automobile filling station

The Sanya Changfeng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction, operation and management of natural gas filling station in Sanya city. At present, it has built a LNG-LCNG automobile filling station in the business, the design gas supply capacity reaches 30 thousand Nm3/ day, which was the first to be rated as the "excellent project" in Hainan province, the gas supply capacity and the scale are also the largest in Hainan province.





Since 1995, CF Energy has been involved in the city gas pipeline business. Presently, CF has over 21 years of experience in the city gas pipeline construction, operation and management industry. Our major urban gas projects are based in Sanya City, Hainan province and Pingxiang District, Jiangxi province.

Sanya Urban Gas Pipeline Project


After the entering into a long-term PNG supply contract with CNOOC in 1999 and the construction of necessary pipelines and facilities, we have been distributing PNG in Sanya, Hainan since 2003 and our supply covers residential customers who are household users and non-residential customers such as hotels and restaurants, schools, hospitals and government canteens. In 2007, we were granted the concession right by the Sanya government and became the exclusive PNG distributor of the city. In addition to the PNG supplied by CNOOC, we may also procure LNG as the source to produce PNG for distribution. To establish our distribution network, we have set up the Nanshan Primary Station to receive the supply by CNOOC, as well as the Sanya Citygate Station and First Receiving Station to process PNG procured from CNOOC and LNG procured from other suppliers to a distributable state. There are also areal pressure regulation stations and end-user pressure regulation facilities built at various locations to facilitate the distribution according to the demand of different areas. The above stations and facilities are connected by the gas pipelines as detailed in the succeeding paragraph.

The project of Xiangdong urban gas pipeline

Service pipeline installation and connection

As part of our natural gas distribution business and for the purpose of transmitting PNG from our gas stations to our customers, we are responsible to install the gas pipeline networks and connect them to the end-users. The gas pipelines we constructed include transmission pipelines, distribution pipelines and service pipelines. The transmission pipelines are high pressure gas pipelines which connect our supplier’s gas receiving stations to our Nanshan Primary Station. The distribution pipeline are mid-to-high pressure gas pipelines that are distributed within the operating area stipulated in our concession right agreement. The service pipelines are mid-to-low pressure gas pipelines that connect our distribution pipelines to our customers’ properties. The transmission pipelines and distribution pipelines are recorded as our own assets, while the installation and connection of service pipelines for the customers is our another source of revenue. In parallel with the PNG sales, our service pipeline installation and connection targets at the same group of end-users, while we [mostly] deal with property developers as our customers when installing and connecting service pipelines for household users before these users occupy the properties. For the pipeline installation and connection, we engage contractors to perform the construction works while we generally manage the projects as a whole.

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