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Changfeng Energy Inc. (“Changfeng Energy”) is the only natural gas supply company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV) in February 2008, which is well-known in China. It is gas suppliers and comprehensive energy utilization investment and development enterprise.

The Company currently focuses on four sectors including natural gas supply, natural gas pipeline installation and connection services, and integrated smart energy and liquefied natural gas (LNG) trading, covering Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hebei, Sichuan and Guangdong Provinces. 

Currently, Changfeng’s primary operation is its modern and extensive natural gas distribution utility business. At present, Changfeng Energy is wholly-owned holding or shares of gas companies in some city, has been 22 years of energy industry investment and management experience.

Development Path

It is vital to improve energy structure, energy security, and thus prompt advancement in society. Driven by the various factors, our national energy system is in a time of great reform.

CF Energy Corp. strives to be a participant and witness of energy revolution of China. In recently years, we have explored international LNG trade routes as well as developed the model of district integrated smart energy and have attained initial success. We hope to make a difference in the national energy reform.


                                                         —— Mr. Siyin Lin /Chairman & CEO of CF Energy Corp.

Mr. Siyin Lin Chair and CEO of CF Energy Corp.

Ms.?Lin,?with?a?Bachelor’s?degree from?Jinan?University and a?Master’s?degree?in management from Hong Kong Polytechnic University,?has?served in CF Energy?Corp.?as Secretary of the Board of?Directors?and?Executive Director.?At presemt, she is in charge?of the general management of?the group as the Chair and CEO of CF Energy Corp.,?Chair and CEO?of Hainan Huapu?Energy Co., Ltd.,?General Manager of Hainan Huapu Energy Co., Ltd.?Hainan Region and General?Manager?of?Sanya Changfeng New Energy Co.,?Ltd.,?She has over 15 years’?experience in the natural gas industry.

Mr. Frederick Wong Wai KeungDirector

served as a senior consultant providing strategic and financial advice to the Group, including leading the Hong Kong IPO initiative. Mr. Wong has over 35 years of audit, finance and M&A experience gained with an international CPA firm and listed companies in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the PRC, Thailand and Hong Kong. He has been a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales since December 1993 and a fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants since June 1991. He is currently an independent director of three HKSE-listed companies.

Mr. Frederick Wong Wai Keung
Mr. Hui Cai Independent Director

Mr. Cai graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with an Honors degree. He was the director of China Ocean Oil South Western Sea Company, Vice-general manager of China Ocean Oil South Western Sea Company, General manager and party committee secretary of China Ocean Natural Gas Company, Senior adviser of China Ocean Oil South Eastern Sea Company; Due to his meticulous attention to detail and technical skills, Mr. Cai was elected to the board in February, 2008.

Mr. Dan Liu Independent Director

Mr. Dan graduated from Military Engineering College of PLA with an Honors degree. He was the Executive director of the Chinese Communist Party History Research Association, and Jinggan Red Army People Branch, General Manager of China Electronics Import and Export Crop. (CEIEC), China Electronic leasing company and CTD, Vice-general manager of CEC, director of HP China Inc. (CHP), Senior adviser of Motorola China, Chairman of Beijing Guangcai Tongda Technology Co., etc. ,over 52 years of technical and integrated management experience. Mr. Dan was elected to the broad in February, 2008.

Mr. Dan Liu
Mr. Wencheng Zhang Independent Director

Mr. Zhang holds honors degree with a major in finance from the Renmin University in Beijing China.He has played a significant role in the financing and business development strategies of a number of companies. Mr. Zhang currently serves as Executive Director of Zhuhai ZhongNanHui Chemical Co.Ltd., and was formerly the CFO of Jing’an China Corporate. Mr. Zhang was elected to the broad in February, 2008.

Mr. Yongbiao "Winfield" Ding Dependent Director

Mr. Ding is a chartered professional accountant of Ontario working mainly as Chief Financial Officer for public and private companies. He currently is part-time CFO of Sparton Resources Inc. a public company listing on Toronto Stock Exchange Venture, CFO of EA Education Group Inc., a public company listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, and CFO of a few private companies in Canada. In the years before he once served as the CFO for a few other TSXV public companies.

Mr. Yongbiao
  • Ms. Ann S.Y. Lin

    Chair and CEO of CF Energy Corp. Chair and CEO of Hainan Huapu Energy Co., Ltd. General Manager of Hainan Huapu Energy Co., Ltd. Hainan Region. General Manager of Sanya Changfeng New Energy Co., Ltd. and the management of various Hainan subsidiaries.

    Ms. Lin is currently in charge of the general operational management of Hainan Huapu Energy Co., Ltd., and its subsidiary companies in Hainan region. As a National Level II Corporate Trainer, Ms. Lin obtained her Master’s degree in management from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has had over 15 years’ experience in natural gas industry.

  • Ms. Ling Cao

    CFO of CF Energy Corp. CFO of Hainan Huapu Energy Co., Ltd.

    Ms. Cao is currently in charge of the financial center of Hainan Huapu Energy Co.,Ltd., holding honors degree as an International Accountant granted by AAIA, a Certified Financial Manager (‘CFM’), and a Senior International Financial Manager (SIFM’). Graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University, she has over 25 years’ financial work experience, including 23 years’ experience in the natural gas industry.

 CF Energy party branch

The Communist Party branch of Sanya Changfeng Offshore Natural Gas Distribution Co.,Ltd.(“ CF Energy party branch”) was established on January 21,2013. The Company is the first and the only publicly listed company that has its own Party branch in Sanya, an important demonstrative effort for the municipality in developing non-state owned corporate Party branch.

CF Energy party branch strives to realize social values in combination to its unique circumstances. While continuously working to further the Communist Party teachings, the Party branch has helped to increase efficiency for CF Energy as well. In 2018, CF Energy party has been chosen as the provincial advanced basic Party branch and has been chosen as the advanced basic Party branch by Sanya municipal Party Committee in 2019.

In adhering to Party teachings, CF Energy party branch set its sights on higher virtues. The Party branch strives to set an example in service of the people and society.




1.  Qualifications of the Company

  •  City Gas Operating Licence

  •  Level III Qualification for Municipal Public Service Project Construction Contractor

  •  Level III Certificate for Municipal Public Service Industry Design (Urban Natural Gas Projects)

  •  Certificate for the Design of Pressured Pipeline GB1 and GC2

  •  Certification for ISO 9001 and OHSAS18001 Professional Health and Safety Administration System  

  •  Council Member of China City Gas Association

  •  CCBC (Canada China Business Committee) Golden Member

  •  Standing Council Member of Hainan Safety Production Association

  •  Deputy Chairman Enterprise of Hainan Foreign Trade and Economic Development Committee

  •  Deputy Chairman Enterprise of Hainan Natural Gas Association

  •  Deputy Chairman Enterprise of Hainan Zhanjiang Business Committee

  •  Deputy Chairman Enterprise of Hainan Industry and Economy Union

  •  Honorary Chairman Enterprise of Haikou Guangdong Wuchuan Business Committee

  •  Deputy Chairman Enterprise of Guangdong Business Committee in Hainan

  •  Member Enterprise of Hainan Survey and Design Association

2 Awards for Safety Performances

  •  2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 Advanced Honorary Entity for Safety Production Test

  •  Outstanding Enterprise for Hainan Safety Production Working Objective Evaluation in 2010 - 2015

  •  2012 Three-Tier Enterprise for Standardized Safety Production (Dangerous products)

  •  2nd Prize for Sanya Emergency Rescue Rehearsal in 2013

  •  Outstanding Enterprise for Sanya Fire Safety in 2006

  •  1st Prize for Working Safety Assessment in 2015

3 Awards for Management

  •  Top 30 Competitive Enterprise in Hainan Industrial Economy

  •  National Outstanding Enterprise for Creativity in Management

  •  Contributing Enterprise for the  China Urban Economic Development

  •  Leading Enterprise of Hainan Service Industry

  •  One of the Ten Contributing Enterprise for Hainan Industrial Economic Development

  •  One of the Ten Contributing Enterprise for Hainan Energy Saving and Carbon Remission Diminishing

  •  China Most Influential Industry Brand Enterprise

  •  Outstanding Enterprise to Develop Low-Carbon Economy

  •  One of the Ten Model Enterprise for Hainan Enterprises with Creativity

  •  Enterprise with Outstanding Social Responsibility

  •  Trustful Taxpayer Enterprise 2007

Changfeng adheres to its managerial strategies “human priority, serving the society, safety first and smart management”. To deliver quality and safe products and services has been the taken into the priority in Changfeng’s operation and development, which accomplished with sustaining buildup of safety management systems. 

Safety knowledge

Tips for gas safety:

1.Good air ventilation;

2.Don’t leave without inspection when the appliances are on.

Suggestion: Standard safe stove appliances with auto turn-off protection recommended

3.Having your natural gas appliances inspected and maintained regularly as required. Replace the connector every 18 months.

4.All pipelines and equipment are not allowed to installed or renovated by customers themselves

5.No natural gas appliances allowed in bedroom.

6.Always turn off the gas valve off when you are not using them.

7.Replace natural gas appliances after its useful life. 

     How to use natural gas water heater safely?

1.Consistent gas suppliers for the water heater and local gas provider.

2.Install water heater by following the product instruction book strictly.

3.Do regular checkup, maintenance and replacements. Report directly if anything abnormal.

4.Do cleaning and maintenance every 8 months for the water heater.

5.Balanced or high powered air ventilator is a must in the bathroom.

How to deal with gas leakage?

      When you smell gas:

1.Open all doors and windows to keep air ventilating.

2.Turn off the main valve and evacuating people indoors.

3.No flame and no turn on and off appliances.

4.Do reporting outdoors in case of any accident.

5.Allowed back to indoors once repair done.

6.Dial fire emergency number.

What to do if natural gas poisoning?

      Keep calm in case of anyone found natural gas poisoning.

    Before access into the accident area, rescue staff needs to take self-protection measures including using wet towels or fabrics to cover mouth and nose, minimising inhalation, no wearing shoes with nails on soles to avoid flames and explosion.

     1.Open doors and windows and keep fresh air ventilating.

     2.Move the victim into area with fresh air or better air ventilation

     3.Unbutton the victim’s clothes and belt to make sure he/she can breathe normally

   4.In case of a victim’s coma, lie him/her flat down, do artificial respiration, and call 120 immediately for medical treatment to the nearest         hospital

                                           ——The Founder of CF Energy Corp.  Mr. Huajun Lin

Cultural Concepts of the Company

Vision: Develop low-carbon emissions clean energy for a better environment and for the benefit of society

Company Spirit: Foster a harmonious and peaceful culture; Dedication and loyalty is rewarded with good

Managerial Principle: People-oriented, Serve society, Safety first and practice scientific management

Teamwork Ethics: Conscientious, careful and responsible; Open and clear communication; Set a good example and practice teamwork

Service Commitment: Quality, safety and service-oriented and attentive

Corporate Pledge: Partnership guided by credibility and integrity, Deliver quality service and Embrace gratitude and return favours

Cultural events of the Company

Charity Dinner

Spring Festival Party

Changfeng Cup for badminton, basketball and table tennis

Monthly employees’ birthday party

Training and group activities for soft skills and teamwork


“2016 Dr. Bethune in Action Plan” in Sanya sponsored by Changfeng 

Donation to Fort McMurray Wild Fire refugees in Alberta Province, Canada by Changfeng 

Donation to Wenchang by Changfeng for the “Hurricane Seagull”

RMB 200,000 donation by changfeng to Haitang Charity Fund

RMB 200,000 donation by Changfeng to “Love in Tianya Action Plan”

As a company with great social responsibility, Changfeng has held charity dinner and charity auction every year , which accumulatively collected cash and non-cash donations to communities and the society in amount of over RMB 11,000,000. President Lin has also been taken into the record for “2012 Charity Events for Member of the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)” for his charity contribution and deeds. He has also been granted the certificate and it was reported in the 183th issue of the Magazine “CPPCC”. 

  • RMB 350,000 donation to people in disability, sickness or poverty since 2003.

  • 1,220,000 donation in cash or non-format for those in financial difficulty since 2004.

  • RMB 1,500,000 donation to students with financial difficulty since 2005.

  • RMB 650,000 charity sponsorship since 2007.

  • Award for Outstanding Contribution in Helping Students in Poverty for Education in 2007.

  • RMB 690,000 donation to Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008.

  • RMB 400,000 donation for Rural Road Reconstruction Project in Wuchuan in 2010.

  • RMB 70,000 donation to Yushu Earthquake in 2010 and RMB 20,000 donation to Hainan Flood.

  • RMB 575,000 donation to various charity funds since 2012.

  • RMB 600,000 donation to build up roadside lamps in Zhongliao Village, Jiyang County in 2013.

  • Encourage all employees to participate into charity activities; Charity dinner and auction each year since 2013.

  • President Lin was named as “Charity Star” by Wuchuan Commercial Committee of Haikou City in 2013.

  • Awarded as an enterprise  “2015 Love for Continuing Education” “Hainan Hope Project”.

  • RMB 120,000 non-cash donation to “Typhoon Rammasun”.

  • “2016 Dr. Bethune Action Plan in Sanya” sponsored by Changfeng and Canada Bethune Medical Development Association and Canada Bethune Medical Fund.

  • CAD 50,000 to Fort McMurray wild fire victims in Alberta province of Canada.

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